A Phased Approach to Managing Your Money with Your Success in Mind.

Phase I:
Understanding You.

We take the same, essential first step with every client: we want to understand what matters to you and your family, today and in the future. We will ask many questions but spend most of this time listening to you. It’s the beginning of a methodical, mindful approach to building a financial portfolio with the goal of growing, protecting and distributing your wealth over your lifetime.

Phase II:
Design & Implementation.

During this second phase, our team of financial planners and investment advisers, with input from trusted legal, tax and risk management professionals, will develop and implement a customized plan based on your long-term goals, risk tolerance and social desires. As your personal and professional life changes over time, so may your goals, and our team will work with you in re-evaluating and re-directing your strategy.

Phase III:
Information & Management.

This third phase is constant once your plan is implemented. Throughout the service relationship, your investment team collaborates with a network of research organizations around the world who provide micro and macro information to analyze business cycles, geopolitical trends and consumer behavior. This helps us to identify long-term investment themes throughout the world, as well as market inefficiencies; information we utilize to select, allocate and weight various asset classes in the on-going management of a diversified portfolio focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself and your family.

A Mindful Investment Decision-Making Process.

We base our decision making on proven investment fundamentals with a technical overlay which gives us access to a wealth of current market information. This means we focus on a sound buy and hold strategy supported by data and realistic expectations. Our focus is on seeking the preferred price which offers the greatest return over time, rather than buying and holding at any price in a misguided, short-term strategy. As valuations change, and asset classes gain or lose potential, we’ll consult with you on recommended adjustments necessary to keep your plan on target toward your desired long-term investment outcome.

Select Clientele.
Concierge Service.

The client experience is everything to us. As an independent, boutique firm, we place great emphasis on establishing personal relationships with those we serve. Relationships founded on the values of trust, respect and integrity. We maintain an open dialogue and transparent communication with every client, and we limit the number of clients we accept to ensure our availability. We see ourselves as the personal stewards of your portfolio, and we take pride in providing superior service of concierge quality.

Investment Management Process

Our investment team collaborates with research organizations across the world. This network of connections provides us with a constant stream of real-time data for analysis, enabling us to identify long-term investment opportunities in both established and emerging markets. Through a mindful, methodical and data-driven process, we make our recommendations, offering market insights for selecting the best investments to maintain a portfolio balanced toward growth and security.

Manager Selection.

Critical to the performance of your portfolio is our talent for selecting investment managers from across the globe who have proven records of performance and expertise within their asset classes. And because fees matter, we select managers who deliver both outstanding performance and value.

Portfolio Management Process.

Your portfolio is founded on your goals and values; it reflects you, as both as an investor and as a person. What we learn about you is key to helping us uncover and prioritize your objectives, then aligning investment strategies for achieving them. As we seek input from our research network, we also value your input, because we are always mindful of who we work for. Your goals and financial situation are sure to change over the course of your life, and through frequent consultations, we’ll work with you to adjust your strategy, as needed.

Experience the Personal Attention of a Boutique Firm with Your Interests in Mind.

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