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Business Owners

Your business involves every aspect of your life and probably every waking moment. We understand from our own experience the total commitment of living up to a brand promise, and this understanding gives us insights into the challenges of managing a business. We can relieve you of some of the burden you carry by taking on the work of coordinating with your CPA, banker, attorney and other professionals involved in your business. As you focus on managing your company, we’ll focus on keeping your personal finances on track with your retirement goals.


After college, med school and residency, most doctors don’t start making money until the age of 30. And even after they become established in their specialties, they may still be paying off student loans in addition to high insurance premiums, the expenses of managing a practice, and raising a family. Our firm has served high-net worth individuals in the medical profession, and we understand their unique situation. Regardless of whether you’re in residency or nearing retirement, we provide the expertise to develop a solid financial plan structured for your specific needs and goals.


Business executives are leaders in their respective industries, either as senior executives in the top tier of management or leading key groups within the company. It’s a complex life involving myriad responsibilities and dealing with complex issues, from finances to personnel. Compensation is complex as well. It’s often a mix of salary with incentives, such as deferred compensation, stock options and equity participation. Our experience with executive compensation packages enables us to sort through the complexities and put together a focused plan to coordinate all your financial resources.


There is no one example of a career professional. They may be at the middle-management level within an organization, working independently as a specialist or as a sole-proprietor in the gig economy. What they all share is a focus on career, caring for family and preparing for a comfortable retirement. We offer a personal understanding of your issues, and more importantly, the time to discuss in detail your life, your responsibilities, hopes and concerns, so together we can craft a financial plan providing peace of mind and a pathway to your future security.


Managing money in retirement can be as complex as planning for retirement. Most retirees receive income from a number of streams which can be affected by market fluctuations, or inflation. Healthcare costs and outliving your money are also constant sources of concern. We specialize in developing financial plans focused on this unique time of life, with an emphasis on preserving wealth to help maintain the lifestyle to which you’re accustomed.

High-Net Worth Clients

Where do you see your next life taking you? Maybe you want to start a business or sell your current one to travel the world. Perhaps charitable giving or applying your executive skills to a non-profit supporting your passion. What purpose do you see for your wealth? These are the questions we help answer for our high-net worth clients, developing customized plans for the next set of personal milestones they hope to achieve.

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