Wealth Management

Our expertise in managing large sums of money in a global market environment works to the advantage of our high-net worth clients. This is our specialty, coordinating the many moving parts of successful wealth management. Not only managing investments to achieve long and short-term goals; but tax reduction strategies such as HSA’s, retirement contributions and charitable giving; and risk-management strategies for weathering a volatile market environment with vast upside and downside potential. In a collaborative relationship, we apply our worldwide access and varied skillsets toward building on the financial foundation you’ve established.

Investment Management

The common perception of investing is a numbers game. True, it’s all about numbers, but it’s no game to the individual investor risking their money. This makes investing a very personal decision, and we are mindful of the risks inherent in the market, and as well as the opportunities open to you. We also consider the personal factors in your life, your responsibilities and the eventualities you need to prepare for financially. To us, investment management isn’t just focusing on the numbers. A well-managed and successful investment strategy sees beyond the numbers to the person and seeks to grow their financial security according to a plan they’re comfortable with.

Retirement Planning

Everyone dreams of one day retiring. And that’s about the only similarity any of us has when it comes to retirement planning. Your vision is unique to you. Maybe yours is living the expat life or applying your talents to a new endeavor. How you prepare financially is equally unique, and certainly not as simple as receiving a gold watch and collecting a pension. The resources for funding retirement today are more likely a mix of retirement savings accounts, such as 401k’s and IRA’s; income and investments; compensation and equity; as well as business and property. Our team works to channel your financial resources toward your vision with a sound, tax-advantaged strategy for growing your nest egg so you can look forward to living your dream in retirement, in confidence.

Asset Protection

We believe an element critical to successful financial planning is foresightful preparation to safeguard your wealth against eventualities and life events. For example, investors can expect changes in taxes, so we recommend a strategy of tax-advantaged investments and trusts complemented by prudent IRA distributions. Investors can also expect the need for healthcare and plan for the expense. Here, long-term care and life insurance policies are invaluable resources for mitigating potential financial hardship. Asset Protection is nothing more than contingency planning. And it’s absolutely essential for your security.

Estate Planning

In our view, an estate plan is not a last detail. It’s every detail about your life, covering all the possibilities such as having a family member make healthcare decisions on your behalf, as well as how you wish your legacy to be remembered. Because of its importance, it’s a discussion we like to have at the start. As with your financial plan, your estate plan may well change over the course of your life, and we see the connection between the two as natural components working in conjunction for your security.

Income Planning

An intelligent income plan for retirement has to strike the perfect balance between a number of variables, such as your expenses and financial resources, taxes, the growth potential of your portfolio and dynamic market conditions. Essentially, a plan which combines stability with flexibility. Our personal approach begins with a thorough review of your financial resources, everything from retirement savings and Social Security, to equity and compensation, investments, personal and business property, and any additional holdings. We then develop a carefully crafted yet adaptive solution for managing your revenue streams to minimize your tax burden and support your vision of a comfortable retirement.

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